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Enhance your gifts and talents by partnering with the Dream Launch team.


Dream Launch invites organizations to partner with our team of education and HR experts to co-host developmental workshops and lecture series.

Resume Review & Advice

Get noticed! Allow us to review, enhance, and update your boring, templated resume.

Organizational Consulting

Partner with our experienced team to develop strategies to help your organization to recruit, retain, and to build your minority talent.

Public Speaking

Polish your speaking and stage presence with our intensive coaching program that will address tone, pace, body language and tools for managing speaking related anxiety.

Personal Coaching

Whether it’s your career, your life, or your hobby, our intensive coaching series is sure to harness your full potential, and #Ignite the Greater You! Schedule a consultation today!

Individualized Service

Let’s get your dreams launched! We are a trusted source and partner for launching the professional and personal dreams of underrepresented professionals.  Our team of dynamic and experienced professionals is excited to provide individualized service options ranging from graduate school preparation to career and financial fitness.

Life-Changing Workshops

Designed for schools, community organizations and other groups that desire to have relevant and current presentations on subject matters pertinent to young adults from underrepresented backgrounds. Featured workshops include: Financial Intelligence, The Future You, Personal Branding, Getting into a Grad School, Launching My Career, Public Speaking and more!

Why We Do It?


We have inherited responsibility for ensuring the success of our successor by addressing challenges including:

  • Lack of mentors and role models
  • Exclusion from informal networks of communication
  • Stereotyping and preconceptions of roles and abilities
  • Undervalued and overlooked
Who We Are
Dream Launch is a web-based team of accomplished professionals who are passionate about igniting the next generation of leaders!
Our team of experts boast 50+ years of combined leadership experience in the medical, education, and human resources industries.
To be a trusted source for igniting the professional and personal dreams of underrepresented professionals and college students.
Integrity, Community Responsibility, Quality & Passion.

About Us

Dream Launch is a web-based consulting company that provides personal and professional development services to individuals and organizations.  The partners are a dynamic group of individuals who are eager to share their life and professional experiences to help enlighten, educate and ignite the next generation of leaders.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality services that enhance the personal and professional development of pre and early career professionals from underrepresented groups. 


The consultation alone gave me new perspectives on how to showcase my accomplishments in real estate and promote my brand. I can’t wait to see what they can teach me over the next 6 months!


Real Estate Entrepreneur

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